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UV based Nanoimprint Lithography


By the UV based nanoimprint lithography the template is pressed into a low viscose UV curable material that can be pre spun on the substrate or dispensed prior imprinting. The hardening of the imprint material is achieved through the transparent template using UV light flash exposure. After detachment the template leaves its negative replica into the harden resist.




Characteristics of UV based Nanoimprint Lithography


• Low viscosity imprint materials

• UV curing at 365-425 nm

  • Low pressure 1/20 bar
  • Process at room temperature
  • No thermal expansions and deformations
  • Short cycle times

• Transparent fused silica templates

  • Flat and uniform surface
  • Very precise Alignment using conventional moiré techniques (1nm)
  • Imprint of whole substrates by “step&repeat” techniques