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Thermal Nanoimprint Lithography


By the thermal nanoimprint process first a polymer layer (thermoplastic material) is spun on the substrate. After heating it up above its Tg the stamp is pressed into the polymer. Afterwards the whole system is cooled down below the Tg and the stamp is removed leaving a negative replication of its features.


Imprint material: Thermoplastic (often PMMS)

Temperature: 140-180 °C

Pressure: 40-130 bar




Characteristics of thermal nanoimprint lithography


+ high resolution (< 10 nm)

+  Less sensitive to substrate topography

–  Long cycle times

–  High pressure

–  Thermal expansions 2.6x10-6 / K-1

–  Stamp needs to “fit” to the substrate thermally

–  „step&repeat“ is difficult