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Nanoimprint Lithography


Nanoimprint technology is a new lithographic technique for the fabrication of micro- and nanoscale structures for next generation devices. It competes with DUVL and EUVL by combining the advantages of high resolution EBL and easy replication techniques.



Advantages of Nanoimprint Lithography


• Easy fabrication of 2D und 3D Features in only one step


• Resolution down to sub-10 nm scale, limited only by the template

• Perfect CD control and feature height

  • Exact copy of template features

• Low cost of ownership


• For UV based Nanoimprint

  • High precision alignment
  • Very uniform residual layer thickness
  • Wide choice of substrates
  • Low pressure (1-2N) and room temperature process


Variety of Imprint Processes:


Thermal imprint

UV based imprint

Micro contact printing

Self-assembly imprint

Reverse Imprint



Pattern Transfer After Imprint Lithography