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Tools for Nanoimprint Lithography






There is a large variety of nanoimprint tools available on the market. Through our partner MESA+ we have access to 1250 m2 fully equipped cleanroom including three major imprint tools that are suitable for thermal, UV based and soft stamp nanoimprint:




Imprio 55 from Molecular Imprints Inc.


  • Step and Flash UV based Nanoimprint tool
  • Processes: S-FIL™ and S-FIL/R™
  • Transparent template for UV curing of the resist
  • Substrate size up to 200mm
  • Imprint area per step: from 2mm x 2mm to 30mm x 30mm






  • Whole wafer UV based Nanoimprint tool
  • Template size up to 100mm
  • Transparent template for UV curing of the resist
  • Imprint area up to 100mm
  • If substrate is transparent template can be made of non-transparent material e.g. Si or metal





Obducat NIL 6


  • Thermal imprint system
  • Substrate / stamp size up to 150mm
  • Temperature up to 250ºC
  • Pressure up to 60 Bar
  • Stack thickness max. 2mm
  • Use of foil instead of hard surface